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Geek'd Con 2022 is quickly approaching. It's coming up August 19-21 at the Shreveport Convention Center in Downtown Shreveport. This year's line up has some amazing guests including Matthew Lillard, Skeet Ulrich, Steve Agee, Clint Howard and a whole lot more. You can see the full guest lineup here.

With that said, one thing we've seen A LOT over the past couple weeks is "When can we start pre-ordering photos?" Well the answer is RIGHT NOW.

Our friends at Froggy's Photos put up the pre-order sheet for most guests (we're aware that a couple are still missing...but instead of waiting on them to get us their info, we just put up who we currently have). If you want to pre-order photo-ops with guests, just click HERE.

Now if you're not ready to pre-order photos just yet, but want to see how much everything is going to cost, below is the pricing. (NOTE: These are prices JUST for the pro photo-op. Nothing else is included in the price)

Matthew Lillard - $80

Skeet Ulrich - $70

Jamie Kennedy - $60

Scream Trios Photo (w/Lillard, Urlrich & Kennedy) - $180

Natasha Henstridge - $60

Clint Howard - $60

Dog The Bounty Hunter - $50

Cooper Andrews - $60

John Kassir - $60

Sherilyn Fenn - $60

Maximiliano Hernández - $60

The Bunny - $50

The Blade - $50

Darby Allin - $45

Dustin Rhodes - $45

Jay Goede - $40

Linda Young - $40

Cynthia Cranz - $40

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