Thank you geeks!
What a wild weekend it was. Lots of once-in-a-lifetime memories, incredible cosplays, holy grail additions to collections, custom artwork, and exciting interactions all happened right here in Shreveport. You guys made it all happen. We just create the lines, and you guys color it in. So thank you.
Thank you to our hundreds of vendors who put in hard work to travel, setup, and work all weekend. Some of you came back for the 8th time (literally some of you are year 1 vendors, and we love you), while some of you took a gamble on us for the first time. We hope that no matter what happened this weekend, you had a good time.
Gabe’s Cave, we couldn't do it without you. If you loved the event, take some time to show them some love online or by darkening their doors.
Thank you to our families. Many of our family members help us work at the show, others have to deal with not seeing us for days at a time, and for some of us we miss celebrations with those family members during this event.
Again, thank you to the geeks who came out to join the show this weekend. But not just those who made it out, those who spread the word of the event online, suggested to friends to come to Shreveport, or just "liked" our content online. You all matter to us.
Thank you.
See you in 2024

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