As you can imagine, we have TONS of stuff laying around. Posters and autographs from Geek'd Cons gone by. Collectible items we've picked up from vendors...just all kinds of stuff.

Late last year, we blew out the Geek'd Con Vault...or at least we thought we did. It turns out, we didn't even scratch the surface. We found a Marvel Loot Crate, a Captain Marvel themed loot crate, a box full of autographs and all sorts of other goodies that we just don't have room for.

So, our loss is your gain. If you have the Geek'd Con app, you'll be able to fill out the form below. If you don't have the app, use the box below to easily download the app to your mobile device.

Good luck! We'll start drawing winners at random in the next couple days!

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