Pre-registration for the 2022 Geek'd Con Cosplay is now open. This year's contest is sponsored by the US Marines and has $2500 in cash prizes up for grabs! This is our biggest cosplay contest yet! And it's also the 1st year we'll be upstairs in the new US Army panel room. So we are BEYOND excited!

You can find all the details and rules on this year's contest here.

If you plan on entering this year's contest, below is the pre-registration form for this year's contest. Pre-judging starts at 12:30 pm on Sunday August 21st just outside the US Army Panel room. The contest starts promptly at 1 pm. To make things as smooth and painless as possible, we ask that you be on time and follow the instruction of the hosts, judges and everyone involved in the contest.

We encourage you to read through our rules and regulations to make sure you understand them. If you have additional questions about the contest, please shoot us a message on Facebook or through the Geek'd Con app.

*Pre-Registration will end at 11 am Friday (August 19th). You will be able to register in person before the contest/pre-judging on Sunday starting at 12 PM.*

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