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After a year off in 2020, Geek'd Con is back in 2021 for another fantastic year and event. We're super pumped to be able to bring in some amazing guest and be able to hangout with each and every one of you again. However, due to on-going concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we've had to make some changes to the way we do somethings and the layout to the event. One of the casualties this year to make room for proper social distancing is the stage.

So, sadly, there will be no stage to host our usual cosplay contest. However, instead of just doing away with the contest, we're going to use our FREE app & website to take the contest virtual thanks to Johnny's Pizza House! In fact, even if you don't plan on entering the contest, you should download the free Geek'd Con app. Because we're going to make it a major part of the show and help make the event more interactive.

This year's Virtual Cosplay Contest is brought to you by Johnny's Pizza House!

Entry is super easy and there's some great prizes including:

  • 1st place: Free Johnny's Pizza for a year
  • Others winners will get a free large Johnny's Pizza.

The entry window will open up August 9th and run until 7 pm Saturday August 14th. You can take your photos at the house, in front of a backdrop that suits your character or at the show! You can submit your entries at your leisure and in anyway that you feel will capture the attention and imagination of our judges. Also, we've had a lot of people asking if you can submit more than one cosplay. The answer is absolutely! You can submit as many cosplays as you like, but you are only eligible to win once. Just submit each entry separately.

Remember: just because we had to take the contest virtual, doesn't mean that we don't want to see your cosplays at the show. It's not only allowed, but encouraged!

Below are the easy to follow instructions on how to enter into this year's contest.

How to Enter the 2021 Geek'd Con Cosplay Contest

  • Download the Geek'd Con app for your smart phone or tablet here.
  • Geek App 1
    Geek app 2
  • Dress up and enjoy the show! We'll announce winners at noon on Sunday, August 15th 2021. Winners don't need to be present to win (unless you're from out of state because we will not mail out prizes to winners.) We will post all entrants to the website, the app and make live announcements to in person attendees.
  • If you have ANY questions at all, you can hit us up on the Geek'd Con Facebook page or send message us through the Geek'd Con app.

    Geek'd Con Lineup 2021: August 13th-15th

    After a year off, Geek'd Con is back and we have an amazing lineup! Here's our guest line up for this year's show. If you want to go, you can buy your tickets here.

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