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Geek'd Con 2023 is right around the corner. It's coming up August 18th-20th at the Shreveport Convention Center in Downtown Shreveport. And every year, we usually get a TON of questions about various things. Unfortunately, during the event, sometimes we can't respond as quickly as we do during the rest of the year.

So, to help answer any questions you have, here's everything you need to know before you join us at Geek'd Con this year. If we missed a question that you think might be valuable, please shoot a message to our Geek'd Con Facebook or send us a message through our free mobile app.

What times do doors open?

Friday (Preview Night) – 5pm-9pm

Saturday – 9am-7pm

Sunday – 11am-5pm

Do I need to pre-purchase tickets & photo-ops?

The short answer: no. Tickets to Geek'd Con will be available at the Box Office. A limited number of photo ops will be available for sale on site. However, with that said, we DO recommend that you buy in advance if you can. The reason is simple: it helps us make a better experience for you. If we sell photo ops in advance, we can make sure we have plenty of times available to accommodate the demand. Pre-purchasing tickets helps cut down on lines & confusion at the box office and helps us plan better on all aspects.

How Do I Meet Kevin Smith?

The easiest & best way is to pre-order your photo-ops and autographs. You can see the Kevin Smith options here. Originally, Kevin was only scheduled to appear on Saturday. Now, he will be appearing on both Saturday & Sunday. Originally, Kevin was not going to accept any walk up photos or autographs. With his changing schedule, that MAY change as well. However, the ONLY way to guarantee you get an autograph or picture with Kevin Smith is by pre-purchasing one. We think he may more time on his schedule than originally anticipated, but we don't want you to miss out if things don't work out that way.

Do I need to bring my own items for guest to sign?

No, guests will have some 8x10 photos available. However, due to the current strikes in Hollywood, many guest will not be providing photos that feature them in struck work. That doesn't mean they won't sign them, it just means they won't be providing them. So, if there's something you specifically want signed (Clerks poster, Superman photo, etc., etc..) we suggest you bring it with you or buy one from our over 200+ vendors. Again, the strike doesn't prevent guests from signing items to related to things they've appeared in. They just may not have those specific items available for you. So, if you want something in mind, it might be best to make plans to bring it with you or purchase.

How much do autographs or photos cost?

Each guest sets their own price and keeps 100% of the proceeds. Some guests have already told us their prices, you can find that list here. You can also see the professional photo op price list and preorder those here. If and when guests change/tell us their prices, that change will be reflected here. However, prices are subject to change at the discretion of the guests.

What is Friday's 'Preview Night'?

Basically, it's a preview of the weekend. It's a great opportunity for you to come in and get the lay of the land. This year, we have a redesigned upstairs that will feature vendors, a Sci-Port Discovery Activity Room and a whole lot more. We have over 200 vendors for you to check out. Plus, some guests will be on hand. So, while you can't knock out all of your autographs Friday night, you can get some out of the way so you can enjoy panels or whatever else you want over the weekend without waiting in line the whole time.

Do I need to print physical copies of my ticket?

No, we will have scanners at the door that can read the barcode on digital tickets from Eventbrite. We do encourage that you print your tickets if possible to make the process smoother and easier, However, to safely and quickly move people through the line, please add your digital tickets to your Apple Wallet, screenshot your digital tickets to your camera roll or know how to easily and quickly access them.

Do I need cash or is a card fine?

While some vendors and guests will have the ability to accept credit and debit cards, many will not. There will be ATMs available at the event. However, to avoid missing a grail item from a vendor or waiting in line for a guest autograph and realizing they don't accept cards, it's always a good idea to bring at least some cash with you to the event.

Is there a military discount on tickets?

Yes. This discount is extended to any active member of the armed services. Instead of trying to figure out what day is what, and what a ticket for this day is vs that day. Active Duty Military can just get 25% off their ticket order at the Geek'd Con Box Office. Must have a valid ID on person to receive discount.

Do you allow Cosplay?

YES! We highly encourage it! There's even a $2,500 cosplay contest brought to you by V1 Technology. You can find more details on that here. You can pre-register for the cosplay contest here.

 Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

No there is no ID requirements. No age limit. All ages welcome.

 What if I bought a weekend pass and lose my wristband?

Oh no! Try not to lose your weekend wristband, if you do please keep your receipt and we will be more than happy to replace your wristband at no additional cost. If you cannot prove your weekend purchase you will have to buy a new weekend pass.

 What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

Parking is FREE all weekend long at the Convention Center Parking Garage. If you're from out of town, check your hotel for shuttle availability.

 What can/can't I bring to the event?

No outside food or beverage allowed inside. Personal cameras are allowed. No projectile/sharp/dangerous cosplay accessories allowed. Weaponry for cosplay outfits can not resemble an actual weapon, we must clearly be able to identify an item is not a real weapon from a distance. All cosplay must follow the Geek'd Con and Convention Center Cosplay Rules.

 Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

 On the Geek'd Con Facebook page or

 Is my ticket transferable?

 Online tickets are non-transferable. Physical tickets are allowed to be transferred, gifted, or resold.

 What is the refund policy?

Tickets are non-refundable.

Geek'd Con 2023 Lineup

Geek'd Con is coming back to Shreveport for another awesome year. This year the show is August 18th-20th 2023. Most guests will appear on Saturday and Sunday, but sometimes a guest will stop by on Friday night as well. Some of the guests will also be appearing for just one day.

Geek'd Con 2023 Autograph & Photo FAQ

These are the prices for autograph and pictures from celebrity guests at Geek'd Con 2023. These prices are subject to change at any point, including during the show. Some of these with be listed as too be determined (TBD), and may not be decided until the weekend of the event.

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