There has been an increasing number of questions, so we wanted to drop another update. First, Geek'd Con is still full speed ahead, and we ain't worried.
If the strike is still on when our event rolls around, there will be some minor changes. But this isn't something that will harm your experience. Our guests will still be there, they will still be signing autographs, they will still be taking pictures, and they will still be doing panels. They will still be very excited to meet you.
The changes we're talking about simply come down to promoting work that they are currently striking against. What does that mean practically? It means they won't have images from that work available at their tables. BUT, and this is a BIG BUT...that doesn't mean they can't sign that work.
If YOU bring an image, trading card, poster, action figure, art print, DVD, Funko, baseball, VHS (yeah, it will happen), or anything else...they can sign it. The strike also doesn't prevent guests from adding character names or quotes. Again, they just won't have pictures of that work available.
Guests will also avoid talking about these works. This means at their tables, and at panels. But this isn't a situation where accidentally asking, or talking about something that's struck is a felony. No one is getting arrested or thrown out. This is a conscious effort to avoid promoting these works. Guests ask that you help them in this, by trying to not put them in a weird spot. Again, it's not a crime if it happens, but they will likely have to decline answering the question.
This is an important time for many of our guests. Their regular job is on hold. This is their part-time job. There has probably never been a more important time to get an autograph, buy a photo op, and support the people that you enjoy. Getting an autograph this year means more than ever before.
That's pretty much it folks. Guests will still be here, they will still sign your autograph (we just suggest you make an effort to bring the exact thing you want), you can still get your photo op, we will still enjoy panels, and everyone will have a blast.
I assure you we're open.

Geek'd Con 2023 Lineup

Geek'd Con is coming back to Shreveport for another awesome year. This year the show is August 18th-20th 2023. Most guests will appear on Saturday and Sunday, but sometimes a guest will stop by on Friday night as well. Some of the guests will also be appearing for just one day.

Geek'd Con 2023 Autograph & Photo FAQ

These are the prices for autograph and pictures from celebrity guests at Geek'd Con 2023. These prices are subject to change at any point, including during the show. Some of these with be listed as too be determined (TBD), and may not be decided until the weekend of the event.

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