The dominoes have officially began to fall, with two of the three biggest streaming free agents announcing their new locations.

Last week, all eyes were on Dr. Disrespect. The streaming giant hadn't been seen on a platform since his immediate and confusing ban from Twitch in late June. His arrival back into the streaming world was welcomed by over 7 million viewers total on YouTube. His first live stream back featured a peak of an incredible 550K viewers concurrently. You can read about Dr. Disrespect's rival to YouTube by clicking HERE.

After the Doc made his move public, all eyes were then shifted to the remaining two mega streaming free agents. That would be Ninja and Shroud. Both, of course, grew to celebrity-status through the streaming platform Twitch, and both left Twitch around the same time and signed an exclusive deal with Mixer. Just a few short months into their deals, and Mixer's existence, the upstart Twitch rival closed up shop, meaning that Ninja and Shroud would have to find a new place to stream content.

Now, we know where Shroud will be streaming next. It's certainly not a "new" place to Shroud, but a relatively surprising move when all things are considered. Today, Shroud announced that he will be returning to what he called "home". That's right, Shroud has decided to pass up potential deals with Facebook Gaming and YouTube, and will return "home" to Twitch in the very near future.

I, for one, imagined Shroud would join Dr. Disrespect on YouTube, especially seeing how ultra-successful his transition to YouTube has been. Both for the Doc's brand and quite frankly, the Doc's wallet. However, maybe Shroud enjoys the thought of returning to the platform he knows best, and I certainly can't fault him for that.

Now, attention should be turned to Ninja, the third and final streaming mega-star without a new official platform. Two down, one to go!

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