UPDATE: When Dr. Disrespect came on screen for his return, his viewers peaked at more than 500,000 at a single time. When the video concluded, it showed more than 6 million views.


We've been following the saga of Dr. Disrespect's Twitch ban since it started back in June. Even though it's been one of the hottest topics online this year, Twitch has still yet to provide a reason for the ban.

But the whole dynamic changed yesterday, when Dr. Disrespect started streaming a live video on his Instagram foreshadowing a return. That was followed by an upload of a new music video to his Youtube channel, which had suddenly activated a "perks" feature for subscribers. For $4.99 a month, you were able to join the new version of his "Champions Club".

As of this writing, the morning of Friday August 7th, the stream is still going. It remained up overnight, keeping tens-of-thousands of viewers on at all times. But, the peak of the broadcast saw more than 350,000 streamers at a single time. Crushing the numbers that fellow video game streaming superstar Ninja produced a few weeks ago.

It was also noted by many that Ninja had made a return to Twitch, and that return generated under 100,000 viewers. That number was eclipsed by the Dr. Disrespect stream in a matter of minutes.

But even as big as those numbers were yesterday, they're likely to get destroyed later today. Because within an hour of the broadcast, Dr. Disrespect updated his subscriber chat with details on his first live stream of game play, which will come today.

That means at 3pm Eastern, 2pm Central, Dr. Disrespect will be live on stream for the first time since the infamous final Twitch stream.


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