The following post contains spoilers for Loki. Please, please, please don’t yell at us.

All season on Loki, Marvel fans speculated that the guy behind the Time Variance Authority would be Kang. After all, he’s Marvel’s most famous time-traveling bad guy. Who else would have created a fascistic police force to erase troublemakers from the “Sacred Timeline”?

In the end, they were right ... sort of. The guy behind the TVA was played by Kang actor Jonathan Majors, but he didn’t call himself Kang. This guy was “He Who Remains.” (The “real” Kang is an even meaner variant of this guy, who will show up in future movies and probably future seasons of Loki.) In hindsight, while we thought there were other candidates for the head of the TVA that made a lot of sense — including Loki himself — all the signs throughout the season of Loki really suggested that Kang (or He Who Remains, whatever) was going to be the guy. In our latest Loki video, we’ve compiled all those clues and hints in one spot:

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