In case you haven't heard we are cleaning out the Geek'd Con Vault. We're giving away pictures, t-shirts, merch, banners from past events...a little bit of everything. We're doing this to celebrate our new app/website. Plus, we're gearing up Geek'd Con 2020 and we need the space.

Earlier today, we sent out an alert for this AWESOME signed Barry Bostwick banner from Geek'd Con 2019:


The winner of that amazing prize is Karen Graves! Karen, we'll send you an email shortly with all the details you need to know.

The rest of ya....don't get down. We have more awesome stuff to give away. In fact, sticking with the Halloween theme, we're giving away this autographed Richard Brake "Doom-Head" 8x10!

Richard Brake

If you want it, sign up below.

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