Closing my eyes and listening to The Riverside feels like lounging outside in the sun on a perfect summer day. Not too hot, not too chilly, (not too windy!).  Hopefully how it’ll be for us in August when we’re listening to these folks on the mountain during the Beartrap Summer Festival. Their tunes are sweet and steady, rooted with a mix of "folk-rooted stringed instruments." And while the instruments are worthy of attention, it's their vocal harmonies that have me hooked. They sing about mountains, rivers, growing old, trees, sunshine...lyrics and melodies blending together with a rich tapestry of voices.

The Riverside “is a band of friends from California and Texas, founded by husband and wife duo Jacob and Lorien Jeanson.” That friendship is likely the foundation of their beautiful and tight harmonies. Often sharing a mike, they rely on one another for balance, both vocally and instrumentally. With Jake Jeanson on guitar, Lorien Jeanson on mandolin, Addison Freeman on cello (my favorite instrument!) and Chase Fierro on Fiddle, the music is both gentle and uplifting. Delicate, yet strong.

You don't have to wait for August to get a preview of The Riverside's sound - they've got 3 albums available on Spotify and iTunes. 2013's self-titled "The Riverside," 2018's "Great Northern Expanse" and this year's release, "Oregon to Virginia." I've spent the last few hours listening to all of them while perusing Facebook and playing solitaire on my computer (yeah, it's a typical Saturday night - don't judge.) The point is, these are solid albums. And their videos have me eagerly awaiting their show on the mountain.

Their Facebook page lists band interests as harmonies, nature, friendship, good foods and camping. Their profile picture shows them atop some sort of SUV, dressed casually with bare feet dangling. Seems like the perfect fit for the Beartrap Summer Festival.

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