Being a geek dad can be a lot of fun. It helps me connect with my kids on a lot of levels. I can play video games with them, talk to them about their new comic book obsessions, and watch geeky movies with them.

My kids enjoy everything from Marvel comics to Magic The Gathering, from Fortnite to pro wrestling. All kinds of geeky stuff. We like to sit and talk about their favorites, and sometimes even talk about what makes them like certain movies or characters above others.

Recently (actually always) my kids are on a big Star Wars kick. So we sat down tonight to watch Empire Strikes Back, and we started talking about which Star Wars movies are our favorites. A lot of our favorites matched up, but we had some differences too. What I did was have them each rank their favorites in order and assigned a point total to each rank. I also asked each of them why they were giving each one the rank they did. Here's what we came up with:

My Family Just Voted To Rank Our Favorite Star Wars Movies

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