We really can’t decide if this is more or less impressive than putting Doom on a thermostat. Either way, this is a technological marvel (no pun intended). Someone managed to put Morbius on a Game Boy Color. Of course, this really isn’t the best way to watch the film, or even an acceptable way. It looks horrible. But given the film’s meme status... it just makes sense.

The creator, known as Wulff Den, is famous for putting movies onto Game Boy cartridges. Why you may ask? Well, sometimes, it’s a snarky reaction to directors being pretentious about how people experience their movies. The first film he ran the experiment with was Tenet, the Christopher Nolan film. Nolan made a comment about how people should only watch the movie on the biggest screen possible, and Wulff Den did the exact opposite out of spite. Makes sense.

For Morbius, Wulff Den definitely ran into some issues. The capacity of a Game Boy Color is unsurprisingly pretty small. It can hold a measly 4 megabytes of data. So, Wulff Den was required to create 36 different cartridges to hold the entire film. He didn’t completely go through with it, instead only creating 3 of the necessary 36 cartridges. That being said, it’s enough of the film that you get to hear Jared Leto say his famous catchphrase: “It's Morbin’ time!” at least once. (He does say that in the movie, right?)

You can check out Wulff Den's rundown of the process here. And if you want to see Morbius on a slightly larger screen, the film is already available to rent or purchase on various digital platforms.

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