We are in uncharted waters. Due to the nation-wide outbreak of COVID-19, our industry has seen some unprecedented and quick consequences. Though Geek'd Con 2020 remains on schedule for August, many of our fellow conventions have either has to postpone their dates, or have had to do the unthinkable, and cancel their 2020 shows.

This has not only had a serious impact on our fellow convention promoters, but on all of our friends in the artist, crafter, writer, and vendor communities.

We may not be able to help everyone as much as we'd like to, but we want to offer up what we can. That's why we've worked on a way to launch an "online convention" through our website and social media.

Here's how we think it can work: We're looking for artists, crafters, writers, and vendors who have an online outlet for their products. We can post a listing for each submission we receive, including a sample image of products, along with a link to an online store, or email address where people can order products.

We will host multiple "Aisles" on our site, with a handful of "vendor" spaces per page. Then we will link them all together in a virtual "vendor floor", so shoppers can move from one group of vendors to another by clicking through the pages.

This will all be FREE to any artist, crafter, writer, and vendor who would like to participate. Just fill out this info:


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