Ana, Rachel, and Friends will take to the stage this year at Beartrap. If you're a math aficionado, here's the rundown: Ana and Rachel Merchant are the constants. Friends are the variable.Their lineup includes whichever of their acquaintances happen to show up and feel like picking. This always includes their dad, Kim Merchant, on banjo and guitar.

It's not unusual for a bluegrass group to have decades of combined experience--except when two of the performers are 14 and 16 years old.

That's because Ana and Rachel first began violin lessons during preschool (age four, to be exact) via the Suzuki method and moved on to official fiddle music soon afterward.
Their recent gigs have ranged from Yellowstone Garage and Downtown Grill to the Fall Fair and the Worland Bluegrass Festival--not to mention the occasional wedding, graduation party, and barbecue.

Oh, and they've got a new CD out.

Besides Ana, Rachel, and Dad, there's guaranteed to be one other constant at this year's Beartrap show--some outstanding fiddle duets.

And when you come, you might want to bring a Friend.