The Beartap Summer Festival is getting a major update this year courtesy of a brand new stage! 

After hundreds of bands and 20 years of faithful service we are retiring our faithful stage.We are replacing it with a new stage courtesy of Production Services International out of Denver, Colorado. The new stage is going to feature a bigger layout, 32 feet by 24 feet, and rear loading for our artists. This stage can withstand winds of up to 90 mph. Take that Wyoming wind!

Photo Courtesy of P.S.I.

Why a new stage?

The decision to bring in  a new stage was made so that we can continue to host more amazing artists every year. The artists that come to Beartrap now have more equipment, more sound, and more elaborate production requirements. To support these artists and their needs, we have brought in P.S.I. to help us. With our new stage we can now host the likes of The Charlie Daniels Band, Los Lobos, and many more awesome artists.

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