I was today years old when I realized actor Kevin James has the greatest YouTube channel around.

Early this morning, I scrolled onto youTube to find a video my buddy told me about. Of course, I never made it to that video, all thanks to Kevin James. Of course, you all know Kevin James from his iconic TV role in King of Queens, as well as countless comedy films, many of which are opposite Adam Sandler. However, maybe his greatest role ever is upon us on YouTube, as the "Sound Guy".

When I logged onto YouTube this morning, for whatever reason, a Kevin James video was in my recommendations. He was singing with Bradley Cooper in the thumbnail, so naturally, I clicked.

What followed was possibly the most incredible few minutes of YouTube content I've ever seen. The video was footage from "A Star is Born", but instead of performing with Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper performed his hit song with the sound guy, Kevin James. Of course, it was funny. It was actually beyond funny. More than the humor, though, it was exceptionally well done. Like mind-blowingly well done. I couldn't wrap my head around how amazing it looked, and how realistic it felt, as silly as it was.

In fact, after watching three videos, I immediately texted the greatest video man on the planet to get his thoughts. That man is none other than the ultra-talented Clint McCommon with Fairfield Studios. I wanted to get his take on the clips because I knew he would be able to wrap his head around the content in a way few can. Here's what he had to say after watching the videos.

Kevin James has pulled off something genius. And his production team has produced it so well with the compositing and sound it’s almost like they shot it during the actual production.  I’m filled with creative envy.


The compositing to make him appear in the scene so realistically took some real talent and work.   First, you have to shoot him exactly like the lighting in the original.  Then you have to composite him in over the original scene.  They may have digitally removed the original characters to some extend, but may have just covered them up with Kevin.  There had to be some rotoscoping, which is like cutting out something in photoshop, but with 24 frames each second.  So two second on screen means 48 individual frames to edit.  That’s work!


The sound work is masterful too.  Even major motion pictures have a hard time mixing post recording sound into the original environment.  The way they kept the originals background sounds and even music and placed in Kevin’s audio is technically well done.   You see a lot of people attempt stuff like this and while still funny, the technical achievement here is on par with major motion pictures and television.


Next, I went all the way down the rabbit hole and watched countless clips of Kevin James perfectly edited into footage from some of the biggest movies of all time. To save you the time, I'm embedding pretty much the entire rabbit hole right here.





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