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I don't think there was a doubt in anybody's mind that Disney+ was going to be a massive success. If you have the biggest company in the world opening up their vault for $8 a month. It was kind of a no-brainer. But, I don't think anybody expected that Disney would hit a grand slam out the gate with their first piece of original, streaming service only content.

The series, 'The Mandalorian' is based in the Star Wars universe. If you're not super nerdy, you may not know that most hardcore Star Wars fans HATED that Disney bought the property from George Lucas. So, a lot of fans had their doubts about the new streaming series.


However, not only is 'The Mandalorian' a massive hit, but it appears that Disney has created the franchise's most popular characters since the original series. 'Baby Yoda', as fans have dubbed him, is EVERYWHERE. He's the star of memes, merchandise...EVERYTHING. In fact, here's just a taste of the response 'Baby Yoda' is getting on Twitter:


Without a doubt, 'Baby Yoda' is about to make Disney a BILLION dollars on merchandise and toys. But, you know, after almost ruining the legacy of Star Wars in the eyes of a lot of fans, they deserve this win.

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