On April 11th, 2011, Edge retired from the world of professional due to several severe neck injuries including spinal stenosis and triple cervical vertebral fusion surgery. Doctors feared that if Edge continued to perform in the ring, he would end up paralyzed or worse. It was heartbreaking to watch Adam Copeland the man, and one of the biggest stars in the world at the time, be forced out of the biggest love of his life due to circumstances beyond his control.

Well, after nearly a decade of rest, rehab and medical care, Edge made his triumphant return to the ring at the Royal Rumble. It's been rumored for months that Edge had been cleared by doctors and would be returning to the ring, but actually seeing him come back was something special. You can watch Edge's return below.

Look, whether you're a fan of Edge/pro wrestling or not, it's always sad to see someone being forced to step away from something they love due to circumstances beyond their control. But every once in a while, something special happens and that person gets a second chance and can finish what they started on their own terms.

And that's exactly what we're getting with Edge. Adam Copeland is getting a second chance at pro wrestling and a second chance to finish his story the way he wants. According to several reports today, Edge has signed a 3 year deal with WWE and while he won't be a full time performer, he will be returning to semi-regular action and will be featured in major angles.

Edge doesn't need pro wrestling. In his years away from the ring, he's established himself as a high quality actor. He was the lead on the TV series Haven for 4 years. He's been a major character on the hit show 'Vikings' since 2017. But, outside of his wife, pro wrestling is Copeland's biggest love. So, the fact he gets to go back to the ring to end things the way he wants, is heartwarming.

As a fan, I'm excited to see Edge, one of the generations greatest performs, back in the ring. As a human being, I can't even put into words how much I love seeing Adam Copeland the person getting to do what he loves one more time.

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