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Geek'd Con 2023 is quickly approaching. It's coming up August 18-20 at the Shreveport Convention Center in Downtown Shreveport. This year's line up has some amazing guests including Brandon Routh, John Barrowman, Sam Witwer, Estelle, and a whole lot more. You can see the full lineup here.

With that said, one thing we've seen A LOT over the past couple weeks is "When can we start pre-ordering photos?" Well the answer is RIGHT NOW.

Our friends at Froggy's Photos put up the pre-order sheet for most guests (we're aware that a couple are still missing...but instead of waiting on them to get us their info, we just put up who we currently have). If you want to pre-order photo-ops with guests, just click HERE.

Now if you look at the list on Froggy's site that Kevin Smith photos aren't listed. That's because they are listed here.

Vulture Festival At Milk Studios - May 30
Photo by Anna Webber/Getty Images for New York Magazine

Plan your weekend around these Pro Photo-Op times from Froggy's Photos:

Friday August, 18th
6:00 Bob Lily (Hall of Fame Jacket)
6:15 Marilyn Singles
6:20 Clerks 3-person (Brian/Jeff/Marilyn)
6:30 Clerks Duo Brian/Jeff
6:40 Brian/Jeff Singles

Saturday August, 19th
11:30 Veronica Taylor
11:40 Steven Universe Trio
11:50 Deedee/Estelle/Michaela Singles
12:00 Papa Shango
12:10 Kurt Angle
12:25 Bob Lily (Hall of Fame Jacket)
12:45 John Barrowman
1:05 Barry Lowin
1:15 Dorian Kingi
1:25 Chris Bartlett
1:35 Sam Witwer
1:50 Ming Chen
2:00 Kevin Smith
2:15 Family (Kevin/Jennifer/Harley)
2:20 Harley/Jennifer Singles
2:30 Jay & Silent Bob (Kevin/Jason)
2:40 Clerks 4-person (Kevin/Jason/Brian/Jeff)
2:50 Clerks 5-person (Kevin/Jason/Brian/Jeff/Marilyn)
3:00 Jason Mewes Singles
3:10 Marilyn Singles
3:15 Clerks 3-person (Brian/Jeff/Marilyn)
3:25 Clerks Duo Brian/Jeff
3:35 Brian/Jeff Singles
3:45 Joey Lauren Adams
4:00 Ross Marquand
4:15 Sean Biggerstaff
4:30 Brandon Routh
4:45 David Howard Thornton
5:00 Irene Bedard
5:15 Nadji Jeter
5:30 Richard Harmon
6:00 John Barrowman (cosplay)

Sunday August 20th
11:30 Veronica Taylor
11:40 Steven Universe Trio
11:45 Deedee/Estelle/Michaela Singles
12:00 John Barrowman
12:15 Barry Lowin
12:20 Dorian Kingi
12:30 Chris Bartlett
12:40 Sam Witwer
12:50 Ming Chen
1:00 Kevin Smith
1:15 Smith Family (Kevin/Jennifer/Harley)
1:20 Harley/Jennifer Singles
1:30 Jay & Silent Bob (Kevin/Jason)
1:35 Clerks 4-person (Kevin/Jason/Brian/Jeff)
1:40 Clerks 5-person (Kevin/Jason/Brian/Jeff/Marilyn)
1:45 Jason Mewes Singles
1:50 Marilyn Singles
1:55 Clerks 3-person (Brian/Jeff/Marilyn)
2:00 Clerks Duo Brian/Jeff
2:05 Brian/Jeff Singles
2:10 Joey Lauren Adams
2:15 John Barrowman (cosplay)
2:30 Sean Biggerstaff
2:40 Godfather
3:00 Brandon Routh
3:10 David Howard Thornton
3:20 Irene Bedard
3:30 Nadi Jeter
3:40 Richard Harmon
3:50 Ross Marquand

If you're not ready to pre-order photos just yet, but want to see how much everything is going to cost, below is the pricing. (NOTE: These are prices JUST for the pro photo-op. Nothing else is included in the price)

Brandon Routh - $60
Sam Witwer - $60
John Barrowman - $60
Jason Mewes - $55
Estelle - $50
Deedee Magno Hall - $50
Michaela Dietz - $50
Brian O'Halloran - $50
Jeff Anderson - $50
Sean Biggerstaff - $60
Nadji Jeter - $60
David Howard Thornton (non costume) - $60
Bob Lily (Hall of Fame Jacket) - $60
Kurt Angle - $60
Godfather/Papa Shango - $60
Sabu - $45
Shane Douglas & Francine - $75
Veronica Taylor - $60
Richard Harmon - $60
Harley Quinn Smith - $50
Marilyn Ghigliotti - $45
Ming Chen - $76
Chris Bartlett - $40
Dorian Kingi - $40
Barry Lowin - $40
Brian O'Halloran & Jeff Anderson Clerks Combo - $85
Brian O'Halloran, Jeff Anderson, and Marilyn Ghigliotti Clerks Trio - $110
Estelle, Michaela Dietz, & Deedee Magno Hall - Steven Universe Trio - $115

Geek'd Con 2023 Lineup

Geek'd Con is coming back to Shreveport for another awesome year. This year the show is August 18th-20th 2023. Most guests will appear on Saturday and Sunday, but sometimes a guest will stop by on Friday night as well. Some of the guests will also be appearing for just one day.

Geek'd Con 2023 Autograph & Photo FAQ

These are the prices for autograph and pictures from celebrity guests at Geek'd Con 2023. These prices are subject to change at any point, including during the show. Some of these with be listed as too be determined (TBD), and may not be decided until the weekend of the event.

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