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Ready or not, Halloween is coming.  Just over 70 days from now, it will be the night that most kids (and a lot of adults) look forward to.  Traditionally, this is the night when monsters, superheros, princesses and more run wild on neighborhoods scouring street after street in search of candy.

I'm not sure what form the 2020 celebration of All Hallows Eve will take, mostly because it's been pretty freaking scary already - and we're only in August!  The real question is: What will tick-or-treating look like - if it happens at all?

I'm hoping that in the 2+ months until October 31st, we can behave and get this thing under control.  If that happens, we might be able to have a regular Halloween.  If not, what do we do?  Drive-through trick-or-treat?  Leaving a bowl of candy at least 6 feet from the door?  'Cause that thing is gonna get snatched right away.

Regardless of how the candy gets in the plastic pumpkin, as a dad - I know that it will happen (even if we trick-or-treat in the living room or via ZOOM).  I also know that the kids have to dress up (that's what they told me, and they're in charge so...).  With that in mind, here are the top 10 Halloween costumes for 2020 (luckily, masks are so in this year):

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