The Two Tracks, from just down the road in Sheridan, are at first glance six tracks shy of the classic eight-track format. But they put so much music in those two tracks you'll never miss the difference.

Their new album has the enticing title "Postcard Town," also the name of the title song with the chorus, "It's a postcard town / Step off the highway / And take a look around..." and they describe their genre as "Western Roots Rock." No Depression gives it the high praise of "creating an instant truth there's not a single offering here that doesn't engage the listener practically from the get go," and adds "the music has just enough twang to make it country and just enough rock to make it interesting."

The quartet consists of Julie Szewc on vocals and acoustic guitar, David Huebner on cello and electric guitar, Fred Serna on drums and percussion, and Aaron Ashear on bass. Together they make what one reviewer writes is: "From rock to country, bluegrass to folk, the music helps define the sound of superbly crafted, fully assertive Americana. Their harmony-rich songs often add cello to a solid groove, creating a unique ambiance that’s all their own. Throw in a journeyman’s attitude and a penchant for affecting storytelling, and here again, The Two Tracks create a sound that typifies a style birthed in the heartland, with all the sentiment and sensitivity that does justice to that timeless sound."

No Depression, again: “Their eponymous debut album finds them creating an instant connection. Julie Szewc is one of the main reasons why; an effusive vocalist, she turns nearly every song into a moment worth savouring. The sprightly, spunky 'Old Victoria,' the good natured 'Bird’s Eye View' and the lively take on the traditional standard 'Wayfaring Stranger' finds them accelerating the energy, but even so, there are ample ballads that convey more sobering sentiments as well. Huebner’s cello playing injects an especially poignant element into the proceedings...”

It's an awful lot to cram into two tracks, but you can hear for yourself at this year's Beartrap what's causing the excitement.

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