Hopper is alive!

Stranger Things released a teaser this morning that appears to show Jim Hopper alive. Check out their Tweet here...

So, without going into Season 3 spoilers, Hopper's fate was left up in the air at the end of the season. Though for some, we really believed that we knew Hopper was alive, based on the very, very, VERY end of the season. But they never showed us anything, it was all conjecture.

THIS is the first time the Stranger Things team has shown us Hopper.

But, what if that's not "Hopper"? What are we talking about?

Just this week, a bunch of media outlets started running with the story that Jim Hopper will not be in Stranger Things Season 4, because he's not on the official cast list. Some of them going as far as saying that close sources have confirmed to them that actor David Harbour is out.

Now we know that isn't true, at least part of it.

What if the person we just saw in the teaser, played by David Harbour, isn't Jim Hopper? What if it's something from the Upside-Down, made to LOOK like Hopper? Or what if it really is Hopper, but whatever ordeal led to him ending up in the USSR wiped his memory of who he is?

Either way, Hopper is alive.

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