Sam Raimi's Spider-Man series is synonymous with superhero movies... And there was almost a fourth. We now have new info about the film.

Whether you love or hate the Raimi trilogy, it helped pave the way for the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it today. The planned fourth entry in the series unfortunately never got made thanks to some disputes with Sony along the way, but we do know a few things about it. First of all, it was going to feature the Vulture. Secondly, Anne Hathaway could have shown up as Black Cat. But how would this all have played out?

Well, thanks to an interview with /Film, we know. They spoke with Jeff Henderson, a storyboard artist for the movie. Henderson revealed that:

The Daily Bugle was going to get bought out by a huge multinational conglomerate, kind of like a Daily News or a TMZ. They wanted to turn the Daily Bugle into a gossip rag. And for all of JJJ's faults, he was still a newsman. He's still old school like Walter Cronkite, 'News is news, this is bulls—,’ that kind of thing. I thought thematically that was a really good way in, because you have that conflict between the modern and social media sensibility about news versus the old school version. So JJJ kind of got cast aside. The reveal was that the female executive who's in charge of the buyout, who's overseeing the company that's taken over The Bugle, ends up being [Vulture's] daughter.


In the same way that Harry Osborn became the new Goblin to avenge his father, this new, original character, who would have been “The Vulturess,” would have held a similar grudge against Spider-Man. Perhaps it’s a little too similar to the other major arc in the series, but interesting nonetheless.

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