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If you are a fan of the WB / CW network's runaway smash, cult phenomenon Supernatural - I've got some good news.  Like so many of the characters from the 15 season, 320 episode juggernaut fantasy/action series - the entire show is getting resurrected!

That's especially great news if you were disappointed to learn that the adventures of Sam and Dean were put on hold back in May when the Coronavirus pandemic put the show's production on indefinite hold.  Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the latest from studio bosses at the CW network is that the final seven episodes will hit the small screen on Thursday, Oct. 8th.  That means that your Supernatural half-season finale will culminate on the evening of Thursday, Nov. 19th.

Not only will we get the satisfaction of a proper farewell from the brothers that we have literally traveled through hell and back for (several times), but fans will get the chance to say good bye to the host of favorite characters like Castiel, Crowley, and more.

Jensen Ackles fans will like this: The actor that has breathed life into Dean Winchester season after season has announced a new gig - he'll be taking on the role of Soldier Boy in Amazon's adaption of the Garth Ennis comic novel The Boys.  Variety reports that he will make his presence known in season 3.

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