The previous record was just over $3 million. That record belonged to the sale of a 1909 T-206 Honus Wagner, which sold for $3.12 million. When that Wagner sold for a record, it broke the previous record sale of another copy of the same card.

But the new record belongs to a current player, which is pretty mind blowing.

Trout is one of the best players in baseball, and is on track to be a Hall of Fame member. But in all honesty, if Trout suffered an injury that impacted the rest of his career, he would fall short of the Hall of Fame if his monster production fell off.

But this wasn't a sudden explosion in his sales either. Trout cards have been growing in value at a high rate, and it might be driven by one particular guy. The man who just sold this record breaking Trout card is actually the same guy. He goes by the name Vegas Dave, and here's the story from his side of thing...

Now when I was growing up, I collected baseball cards. But not just baseball, I was collecting football, basketball, comic book, table top game cards...and everything in between.

I wasn't a normal kid when it came to my collections. I didn't just collect, and then put them in my bike spokes or trade them with my friends. When I was young, I collected cards to invest and resell.

Before I was able to drive a car, I was buying tables at sports card shows around the area, and selling cards. Was I super successful? No. But I was learning, investing, moving cards, and hoping that one day I'd score a card that I could sell for thousands of dollars. Never did I think I would open a pack of cards, and find a $4 million card. But now that there's a 2009 card that has done that, its a reality.


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