Relatively speaking, the Low Water String Band are the new kids on the block--and they hail from Wyoming as well. The quartet was created in Lander in 1912.

On New Year's Day of 1916, they released their self-titled first album, 11 pieces of all-original music. The titles of the cuts give an idea of the quintet's range and subject matter: "Coming Round the Bend," "Nights When We Were Young," "Let's Build a House," "Comes Time for Leaving," and "Train Leaves Out."

Their Americana-roots-country blend won them a nomination for Vocal Group of the Year in the Wyoming Country Music Awards. The music makers include Joe LeFevere on mandolin/fiddle, Brian Henson on lead guitar, Stuart Cerovski on rhythm, Jared Scott on banjo, and Annie Scott on upright bass.

Their first (and impressive) official video is titled, appropriately enough, "Wyoming Wind, " with the chorus "Come and go with me / let my soul be free / let the moon shine bright / on our path tonight / Wyoming wind..."

Low Water is fresh off the WYOmericana Caravan, plenty of out-of-state touring as well as the Centennial Uptown Breakdown, and are the proud parents of a new album besides. Come help them celebrate at Beartrap.

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