We’ve got into the Spider-Verse. We’ve gone across it. Now I guess we’re going to watch it on television.

One of the more notable figures from the animated Spider-Verse movies (and the Marvel Comics before that) is expected to get his own TV series on Amazon’s Prime Video. That’s Spider-Man Noir, the black-clad spidery hero voiced in Into the Spider-Verse by Nicolas Cage.

This show on Amazon would be a live-action production, and based on the description, it sounds a lot more like the original Spider-Man: Noir comics – which were gritty and dark and much more of a straightforward homage to old noir films than the winking spoof of crime movie tropes that Cage embodied quite effectively in the Spider-Verse movie.


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According to Variety, “the untitled series will follow an older, grizzled superhero in 1930s New York City. An individual with knowledge of the project says that the show will be set in its own universe and the main character will not be Peter Parker.” (In the very first Spider-Man: Noir miniseries, written by David Hine and Fabrice Sapolsky, and drawn by Carmine Di Giandomenico, Spider-Man was still secretly Peter Parker, even though he had a very different origin than the more famous Spidey of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s The Amazing Spider-Man comics, and dressed in a black outfit with a matching trench coat instead of blue and red Spandex.)

The series has reportedly brought in Steve Lightfoot to serve as co-showrunner of the Noir series, alongside the previously hired Oren Uziel. Lightfood has previous Marvel TV experience; he created the Punisher show that was part of Netflix’s Marvel universe of shows a few years ago.

This is one of several Spider-Man TV projects in development at Amazon. The streaming service is also working on a Silk: Spider Society show.

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