Sebastian Stan is “excited” to be returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The 41-year-old actor will reprise his role as Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier in the superhero movie Thunderbolts and admits that he has “missed” playing the character.

Stan told Variety: “I’m excited. I’m going to go back in a month or so. I’ve missed it. It's a great cast.”

Marvel has suffered at the box office in recent times with flicks such as The Marvels failing to impress audiences but Stan thinks the studio will soon return to form.

The Pam and Tommy actor explained: “The batting average is so high that it’s difficult to always land everything right away. It's always been a great experience. With this one in particular, I think there’s a lot of good things.”

Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios

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Stan’s latest role is the movie A Different Man – which tells the story of an aspiring actor with a facial disability who has a medical procedure to transform his appearance – and he admits that he was “cautious” about taking the part.

He said: “It’s an important story. It's a subject that doesn't really get a lot of light on it. We just really wanted to do it right.”

A Different Man is expected to open in theaters at some point in 2024. A24 will distribute the film.

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