Marvel tried something new with EchoIt was a darker series than we’re used to seeing on Disney+ and it was the first “Marvel Spotlight” show, supposedly a new subset of Marvel TV series that will be totally accessible to less experienced viewers and stand apart from the rest of the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe story. Plus, Marvel released the entire season in a single batch, rather than stretching it out with new weekly episodes.

But did it work? That’s the subject of our latest video, where we convene a panel of experts — ScreenCrush’s Ryan Arey and Colton Ogburn, and IDW comics editor Heather Antos — to discuss the first season of Echo. What worked? What didn’t? Was this real the adult-oriented show we were promised? Did they treat Echo’s culture with respect? Was the show so short at only five episodes? And what should we make of Echo’s new super powers? Watch our full review below:

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If you liked that video reviewing Marvel’s Echo in full, check out more of our videos below, including all the Easter eggs in the debut episode of Echo, one recapping Daredevil (and Hawkeye) before Echo premieres, and one on what a Marvel Cinematic Universe reboot would look like and why it would be a good thing for the future of the MCU. Plus, there’s tons more videos over at ScreenCrush’s YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe to catch all our future episodes. The latest Marvel Cinematic Universe show, Echo, is now available in full on Disney+.

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