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If you grew up in the 70s or 80s around Texas or Louisiana, there's a good chance you grew up loving professional wrestling. Specifically, you probably grew up loving the Von Erichs. The wrestling family ran World Class Championship Wrestling out of Dallas and was based out of the world famous Sportatorium.

Who Were the Von Erichs?

The 80s were a hot time for pro wrestling. You had Ric Flair. The Freebirds. Dusty Rhodes. But, in the south, the biggest name in the game were the Von Erichs. Not only did they run the Texas territory. But the brothers - Kerry, Kevin, David, Mike and Chris - were some of the biggest names in the game. And some of the biggest moments of the decade included at least one of the brothers. From Kerry beating Ric Flair for the NWA championship in front of a sold out crowd to the family's feud with the Fabulous Freebirds, there were a lot of iconic moments that endeared the family to crowd.

However, there was a dark side that also captured the world's attention. Now called the 'Von Erich Curse', the family always seemed to be going through some kind of tragedy. Out of all the brothers, Kevin is the last surviving son. From tragic accidents to drug overdoses to suicide, the family is often pointed to as a cautionary tale of what can happen in the 'dark side of the ring'.

The combination of stardom and tragedy is what keeps interest in the Von Erich family going to day.

The Iron Claw Tells the Tale of the Von Erichs Texas Tale

A new movie, produced by A24 Films, called 'The Iron Claw' will be hitting theatres on December 22nd. The movie, starring Zac Efron as Kevin Von Erich and Jeremy Allen White as Kerry Von Erich, will tell the tale of the family navigating popularity and tragedy.

Here's a brief description of the film from A24:

The Von Erich family becomes a dynasty of professional wrestlers who make history, but a series of tragic events tests their strength and spirit.


Watch the first trailer for Iron Claw here:

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