The title "Hagen in the Grainbox" sounds tailor-made for an old-time fiddle tune. But it's also the name of a unique Casper-based band of which reviewer Vicki Windell says, "Considerate, easy-going, and a lot of fun! My feet just couldn't keep still."

Surely the band's self description as "retired mule farmers" is tongue in cheek--although a mysterious miniature stuffed mule does show up at some of their gigs. Their classification of their music as "Brew Grass" is probably more on the money. As is their description of Hagen's influences: Bluegrass, Folk, Americana, Punk, Old School Country, and Irish.

Hagen in the Grainbox formed in May of 2017, initially consisting of Chase Mangus (guitar, drums, vocals), Willy Dunlap (banjo, dobro), Dennis Lamb (mandolin), and Sean Ingledew (lead vocals, harmonica), who had all played music together for many years, including with their previous band, Dang Ol’ Boys.

Within a couple of months, they added the complementary talents of Diane Lyn (fiddle and vocals) and Lewis Barrett (upright bass), and the band came into its own with a full sound and an original identity.

"We dabble in styles from old school country and Americana, to punky Irish and Bluegrass," Lynn says. "The culmination," one reviewer says, is a soulful, dance-inducing sound: hence, Brewgrass. "We're good with anything, Lyn adds, "but we pair especially well with beer and whiskey."

Hagen in the Grainbox have spent the last six months writing their own songs and "exploring the addition of new and different styles to their repertoire of originals."

Their band motto is “Big team, little me” they say, and they do it all for the fun. Try some Brewgrass, on tap at this year's Beartrap Musical Festival, kicking off Saturday's lineup.

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