George Lucas may have sold Star Wars to Disney along with the rest of Lucasfilm back in 2012, but he remains a legendary figure within the galaxy he created. In fact, he’s probably more popular now that he has no creative role in the films than he was back when was still actively making Star Wars movies and shows. (Then a lot of fans hated him because, y’know, it’s Star Wars and Star Wars fans are often frustrated with Star Wars.)

Now Lucas is becoming an even more central part of Star Wars. He’s getting an action figure. This week, Hasbro unveiled their first George Lucas figure in their popular Black Series line. The official unveiling says the figure is an “homage” in honor of Lucas’ “remarkable accomplishments in film.”

The George Lucas figure appears dressed as a classic Star Wars Stormtrooper. (Notably, it is listed on the packaging as a Stormtrooper “disguise.” George has not fully gone over to the Dark Side, guys.) He includes a helmet and Imperial blaster. Here’s a few more images of the figure:

The likeness is ... decent? It does look like George Lucas, although not so perfectly that you would know just looking at this guy who it was if you were handed a picture without any context.

While this is Lucas’ Black Series debut, it’s not Lucas’ first action figure. In 2002, he was immortalized as “Commander Jorg Sacul” (it’s his first name spelled like an alien plus his last name backwards), who was released as a convention exclusive at Star Wars Celebration II.

The George Lucas Star Wars Black Series figure is $26.99. It’s sold out on Hasbro’s website, but it is available for pre-order now on various other action figure sites.

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