The commercials during the Super Bowl are one of the most talked about advertising events of the year. With million upon millions of eyes on the game, the ads ran are some of the most viewed on a yearly basis. Which is why companies pump millions of dollars into them.

So when you see a face you recognize in a commercial during the Super Bowl, it gets your attention. That's why big companies dish out cash for huge celebrities to push their goods. But what happens when the face you recognize isn't because they've been in the latest blockbuster movie, but because you've met them? You actually KNOW them?

Many geeks across the Ark-La-Tex felt that last night when the ad for the new Fox show Lego Masters came on. Because at the :11 second mark, a very familiar face popped up.

That's right, regular Geek'd Con guest Krystle Starr will not only be competing in Lego Masters, she was featured in their Super Bowl ad!

Krystle has been to Geek'd Con (Shreveport's comic con) multiple times since 2016. Appearing as a cosplay guest, while making and meeting thousands of fans in Shreveport. So when her face came up on the screen, a ton of fans across our area reacted.

Some knew right away, others questioned it the first time (but were sure by the sixth time it aired), while others rushed over to her social media for verification...

Too bad another promo with Krystle in it didn't make the Super Bowl cut. Then again, not sure the Geek'd Con budget could handle six Super Bowl ads the way Fox and Lego Masters can...

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