Searching for your lost inner child? Or outer child, for that matter?

You're not alone.

Do a Web search for the phrase "One Child Left Behind," and you're told you're headed in the wrong direction. What you really want is "No Child Left Behind," the controversial education act passed by Congress, with some four million search results.

But persevere, and you'll find that One Child Left Behind is a nifty,home-grown band who's scheduled to appear at the upcoming Beartrap Summer Festival.

Their bio describes them best, in capsule form: "Good friends, good times and good music. Just four guys who love to perform and share their passion with the world. With diverse backgrounds, each brings a unique style, yet meld together in a seamless and harmonic way. OCLB injects the intangible uniqueness of Wyoming culture with an alternative twist."

And of their four-piece acoustic harmonies, members convey this message on their Facebook page: "We've come a long way in just the three years we have been together and couldn't have done it without the support of you all."

Though their diverse musical influences range from Big Head Todd to Men at Work, their original songs are a musical voice of their own--even with covers such as "Another Brick in the Wall," which is transformed from Pink Floyd's version into a blues number. And one of their original songs contains the chorus line, "I want to punch you right in your Facebook." As you might suspect from the line, their shows are laced with impromptu humor as well.

As banjoist and guitarist Sean Wallace recently told an interviewer for the Casper Journal, “We’re not afraid to play any type of music, so our original music doesn’t follow any type of format."

The band is fortunate, he added, to be part of a excitingly diverse local music scene: “Everyone helps each other get gigs, they open for each other and they’re actually very supportive,”

Members say their distinctive harmonies (made by Jerry Volk, Sean Wallace, Jeff Stanley and Rob Botz) actually started out as a lark--an attempt to do some "cheesy" harmonies that unexpectedly came out sounding very good.

Likewise, their distinctive name came from a list of well-known quantities, such as the "No Child Left Behind" Act. But their eventual variation of "One Child Left Behind" has a serious aspect as well:

“On the flip side, everybody in their lifetime has been the one child at some point," says Wallace, "whether they’re picked last on the sports team or whatever — they’ve been the underdog. And the name just fits us.”