Back before social media, you went viral in middle school when you showed up flashing your new foil Charizard. Or when you had to call your friend after school on your Jeff Gordon NASCAR phone (totally shaped like his car) to tell them you just got a new Pikachu card out of a pack you the way, that was a landline call. When you celebrated beating your friend for the first time in a Pokemon game and your friend was actually happy for you.

If any of that applies to you, then you may want to stop reading. Because if any of the above sounds like you, its likely that you had some of the Pokemon cards we're going to be talking about.

Back in 1999, the Pokemon Trading Card game exploded into pop culture in the United States, and if you were like me (prime middle school age range at the time) you were right in the middle of it. I was buying these cards non-stop. But I wasn't collecting them all, I was playing and trading with my friends. However I wasn't that dumb, I did recognize some value in these cards, so I tried to protect them and collect them. Eventually I sold, traded, or gave away almost everything I had.

Now I wish I didn't do that.

Because some of the cards that I used to have are now selling for more than a new car costs. Not just new, crazy rare, extremely exclusive cards. These are the old school, original you might have used to have.

Here are some of the most expensive Pokemon cards that have recently sold online. There are different versions of some of these cards (like Charizard) that have sold for more than other cards on the list, but I picked the most expensive of each card.

Old Pokemon Cards Worth a Ton of Cash