Geek 6

Geek'd Con is Shreveport's biggest comic and pop culture event, and it will return August 18-20 2023. The event will once again be at the Shreveport Convention Center in Downtown Shreveport. 

We always get a bunch of questions about the event...so we figured we'd take some time to answer some of the most common questions. Here we go:

Do I need to pre-purchase tickets & photo-ops?

The short answer: no. Tickets to Geek'd Con will be available at the Box Office. A limited number of photo ops will be available for sale on site. However, with that said, we DO recommend that you buy in advance if you can. The reason is simple: it helps us make a better experience for you. If we sell photo ops in advance, we can make sure we have plenty of times available to accommodate the demand. Pre-purchasing tickets helps cut down on lines & confusion at the box office and helps us plan better on all aspects.

What can/can't I bring to the event?

 No outside food or beverage allowed inside. Personal cameras and backpacks are allowed. No projectile/sharp/dangerous cosplay accessories allowed. All cosplay must follow the Geek'd Con and Convention Center Cosplay Rules. Those rules can be found at GeekdCon.com

Are tickets available at the Box Office?

Yes. The Box Office at the Convention Center will be open about 60 minutes before doors open each day, and will be open during the event.

Do I need to print physical copies of my ticket?

No, we will have scanners at the door that can read the barcode on digital tickets from Eventbrite. We do encourage that you print your tickets if possible to make the process smoother and easier, However, to safely and quickly move people through the line, please add your digital tickets to your Apple Wallet, screenshot your digital tickets to your camera roll or know how to easily and quickly access them.

Will I Be Able to Use a Credit Card on Site?

Yes and no. Some vendors & guests accept credit cards. Some don't. It is up to each vendor or guest. There are ATMs on site. However, we recommend bringing at least some cash that way you are never caught unprepared and so you don't have to spend the entire weekend waiting in line at the ATM. To help you decide how much cash to have on hand, we put out an autograph/photo price list at least a month ahead of time so you can plan accordingly.

Can I Expect Long Lines for Guests? 

The possibility of long lines do exist. We try to move them along quickly, but we also want everyone to have a unique and enjoyable experience. So, we recommend arriving early to the event for maximum enjoyment. We'd hate for you to show up late in the day and not be able to see all the things you want to see.

When will the celebrities be there?

Our celebrity guests (for the most part, unless specifically noted) are contracted for Saturday and Sunday of the event. However, sometimes you'll see a guest or two hanging out on Friday night, but its not guaranteed.

Do celebrities charge for autographs and pictures?

Yes. Each guest will have a price for autographs and photos. The guests set these prices themselves, and keep 100% of that money. Geek'd Con doesn't receive any of that money, or get a say in the prices.

Do I need to bring something for a celebrity to sign?

In most cases, no, guests will have some 8x10 photos available. But, if there's something you specifically want signed (movie poster, action figure, Funko POP, etc., etc..) we suggest you bring it with you or buy one from our over 200+ vendors.

Is there a military discount on tickets?

Any military discounts will only be applied at the box office, so we can verify Active Duty Military IDs. This discount is extended to any active member of the armed services. Only the ACTIVE DUTY SERVICE MEMBER who has a valid ID can receive discount.

What If the Guest I Want to See Cancels? 

Unfortunately, guest cancelations happen. Guests could cancel their appearance at our event either due to work, health or family emergencies.  If this occurs, it is beyond our control. We will do our best to book another celebrity to replace if this occurs, but is not guaranteed. No refunds will be given if a guest cancels due to circumstances beyond our control.  All ticket sales are final

Is my ticket transferrable?

Digital tickets are non-transferrable. Physical tickets are allowed to be transferred, gifted, or resold. If you buy your tickets online, and want to give them to someone else, you can simply print a physical copy of the tickets.

Do you allow Cosplay?

 YES! We highly encourage it! You can find our cosplay rules at GeekdCon.com

 What is the refund policy?

Unless the event is canceled, refunds are not available from Geek'd Con.

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

No there is no ID requirements. No age limit. All ages welcome.

What if I bought a weekend pass and lose my wristband?

Oh no! Try not to lose your weekend wristband, if you do please keep your receipt and we will be more than happy to replace your wristband at no additional cost. If you cannot prove your weekend purchase you will have to buy a new weekend pass.

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

Parking is FREE all weekend long in the Convention Center Parking Garage, and auxiliary lots. Check your hotel for shuttle availability.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?